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November 22nd, 2013
Striplife-loca-50x70Gaza, Palestine
A strip of land destroyed by the continuous wars, an open-air prison they are talking about all the papers but that hides the complexity and diversity that have not yet been told. Movieng to Gaza is a project that led to the creation of a collective film, StripLife. The film was produced by Italian video makers and Palestinians, sharing ideas, stories, visions and technical expertise.
Not a movie about Gaza, but with Gaza.

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The Gaza Strip.
An inexplicable event has occurred during the night: dozens of manta rays stranded on the beach in Gaza City.Fishermen hasten from the whole Strip to grab some fresh meat.Meanwhile the city is awakening. Antar spurs his brother to get up, today is the great day, in the afternoon he will record his first disk. Noor puts her make up on, she must appear in front of the television cameras. Jabber is already in the field. The shots of the rifles remind him that he lives in the buffer zone that separates Gaza from Israel. A manifestation is going on in the streets.  Moemen is there, doing his job as photographer. At the port a boat returns with the hull riddled by shots. The chant of the muezzin invades the space , multiplied by the minarets. As in a dream , the boys of the Parkour Team pirouette in a cemetery. Life in the strip winds up until night.
The film is a choral fresco of Gaza.In the narrative arc of a day, the stories of the characters blend in with the description of the context. Men and women who resist , capable of tenderness and smiles, determined not to succumb to conditions of life that appear impossible . The film is the result of a collective project and was realized by Italian and Palestinian videomakers, sharing ideas, stories, opinions and technical skills. Not a film about Gaza, but with Gaza.

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