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Teleimmagini and Al-SIrat present the documentary———————————————————————————————Italiano


The factory of clandestines is a project conceived and realized in collaboration between Al-Sirat (Intercultural Association that in order to promote integration policies in Bologna runs a medical – legal office for citizens/and migrants) and Teleimmagini (indipendent media activist group). Objective of the project is to analyze and monitor the management of the “state of humanitarian emergency”, officially decreed by the Italian government February 12, 2011, in connection with “exceptional influx of citizens from the countries of North Africa.”

CHAPTER 1, the camp on the Manduria-Oria national road.

WATCH THE FILM On the national road Manduria-Oria, in March 2011, rises in a few days a tent city of two million euros, built without any tender or consultation with neighboring city councils to respond to the emergency due to the landing of thousands of Tunisian migrants first and sub-Saharans then. The funds come from the European Union, the management costs of the camp are very high. The companies involved, Connecting People and Nuvola, reported the same camp for the emergency of L’Aquila, ready to receive 2880 people. An amount that will never be reached. No one who is inside or outside of the camp has the right to receive informations. Journalists and charitable organizations do not have access to it. Procedures to obtain a residence permit are unknown, they change from day to day. Initially Tunisians must demonstrate that they have 30 euros to receive a residence permit for humanitarian reasons and be transferred elsewhere. Once the closing date of the refugee camp is established, this condition is no longer necessary. All are transferred to unknown destinations, or simply other shelters nearby railway stations. What nobody knows is that residence permits will not be recognized by the European Union. France and Denmark close their borders, withdrawing temporarily, the Schengen Treaty.                 WATCH THE FILM We move from Manduria to Ventimiglia, border area and traditional symbol of migration flows between Italy and the rest of Europe. Many tunisian in Ventimiglia try to cross the border to reach France, where they face rejection and mistreatment. The malaise, spread between Ventimiglia citizens and Tunisians, arises from not finding a solution tailored to the needs of migrants, or a permit that gives the opportunity to work and travel within Europe. Ignored by institutions, national and international media, the tunisians decide to face the problem by organizing an hunger strike supported by activists and associations The answer to this mobilization reconfirms the emergency-assistance policies in the plan, with guaranteed accommodations and meals without the development of any path of integration. On June 6, 2011, the migrants reception center of Ventimiglia, managed by the Red Cross, and the railway station, where many are sleeping, are permanently closed. Those who have a residence permit for humanitarian aid are transferred to other reception centers in northern Italy. Others, without documents, are left alone on the streets.          
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